Full-spectrum hemp oil is the term used when pure oil is extracted from hemp. The pure oil contains all the same cannabinoids and compounds found in the original hemp plant, including essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, protein, flavonoids, and terpenes. Isolated or synthetic cannabinoids do not contain these.

Yes, our products are 100% natural CBD oil, THC free, and are designed with safety and wellness in mind. This means that you get all the medical effects of the marijuana strain’s characteristics without the “high” that THC brings. TAO products are non-addictive.

Also, vaporizers are believed to be safer than cigarettes and other combustion products. If the oils vaporized are pure, like the ones found in TAO products, there is very little evidence of harm. That is why we always require a laboratory analysis be present for our products.


TAO was designed to help people. Our goal is to provide people with a natural and safe alternative method for combatting stress, anxiety, pain, and other medical issues. Our premium products are safe, fast-acting, and non-addictive. They contain only the highest quality organic ingredients and are 100% chemical free and non-psychoactive.

Our 1000mg cartridges last for up to 500 puffs – some of our customers have experienced even more. This means that each puff of our high-quality, fast-acting CBD oils costs about $1.

Simply attach your TAO CBD cartridge of choice by screwing it onto the end of your TAO Vape pen. Place the cartridge in your lips and inhale. It is built to last and heats the oil to an optimal temperature for maximum effect without burning the product. The TAO battery is rechargeable, costs $20, and can be used with any of our cartridges.

Yes, whether you choose the TAO Earth, TAO Fire, TAO Metal, TAO Water or TAO Wood (or want to mix it up), you can use our long-lasting TAO battery for either our 500mg or 1000mg cartridges. In addition, TAO batteries utilize the universal 510 thread.

Our cartridges only contain organic hemp oil, also known as CBD oil and the terpenes from marijuana plants. The terpenes are what give each of our Paths their unique flavors and characteristics. Each cartridge contains 0% THC.

All orders are shipped within two days of when the order is placed. TAO ships via USPS ground and will provide a tracking number as soon as an order is processed for shipping.

At this time they are best used with our TAO Vape Pen.